The life of a mask, part 2

Hi, I’m back! As you may remember, when you last heard from me, I was all warm and cozy in a plastic bag, along with some elastic, some thread and a couple pages of instructions. It’s another day, and I find myself in the back of a car, headed up the highway. Wait, we’re slowing down…

What’s this? Looks like we’re in a big public room, all bright and spotless. Someone is wiping down all the bags, including mine, and putting them out on a table, counting softly as they work. Looking at the stuff I see hanging on the walls, I suspect we’re in a Sunday school classroom. Very peaceful.

All of a sudden, the door opens and a woman comes in, shouting “I’ve got more for you!” She has a long conversation with the person who wiped my bag down earlier (I can’t really hear them through the plastic, but there’s a lot of laughing). Yikes! She’s picking me up and stuffing me in her purse! Smells like hand sanitizer in here - and now we’re on another car ride!

I’m exhausted. I’ve got to take a little nap.

I wake up to find myself out of the bag. Phew! It was getting stuffy in there. I hear a humming noise, and the next thing you know, I’m getting poked by a needle. Ouch! But hey, I really don’t mind, because now I’m finally coming together. Feels good to do that. I’m joined to some other fabric bits and guess what! Now I really feel like a mask. I must look like one, too, because the person who’s putting me together holds me up for admiration. She’s smiling, so I must be doing something right.

Now they’re threading some elastic through me, and the next thing you know, I’m in a pile with a bunch of others just like me. For the first time in my short little life, I feel like I know why I’m here, and I’m getting excited. Wonder where I’m going next…

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