The life of a mask (season finale)

After a good night’s sleep, I’m wide awake and waiting in a pile with a bunch of other masks just like me. Did I mention that we come in sizes? I’m a Large, so I suspect I will fit onto a lot of faces. Some of my pals, like the Mediums and Smalls that I met in the sewing room, are in a pile on the other side of the room. It’s early in the morning and already there’s somebody at the door, waiting to pick us up.

Wow, there goes a whole bag full of masks! A whole pile of Mediums, and even a handful of my fellow Larges. The woman who carries us out of here is wearing scrubs and an ID badge from one of the local hospitals. Wish I was going along, too! I’d like to be close to the battle - after all, isn’t that why you made me?

But it’s not my turn, not just yet. So maybe I should take another nap…

All of a sudden, I’m getting stuffed into a bag, just like the one that left for the hospital. I get a look at the guy holding the bag - he looks tough! He’s wearing a T-shirt from a volunteer fire department, of all places. They need masks, too? Apparently so!

We go for a ride, just a short one. Looks like we’ve arrived at the fire house, where we’ve all been dumped on the table. Hands grab my friends - ouch! Somebody’s got me!

“Hey, this one’s cool,” says a guy with a big grin. “I like Batman!”

Which is how I met Jack, the fire chief. Apparently Batman is his hero, from when he was a little kid. Everyone seems to know this about him, because they all get a laugh when he puts on the mask; someone finds another mask just like me and pushes it into his pocket. “You’re gonna need a spare!” they tell him.

So there you have it. I’ve found my purpose, protecting my friends at the firehouse. Sure, I thought I’d end up in a hospital, and someday I might, but this is just as good. I take a ride in the firehouse washing machine every night, get a little rest the next day, and then I’m on duty. I’m needed, and that’s good.

That’s what it’s like to be a mask. Wouldn’t you like to be one, too?

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